Prashant Godbole


Lucinda Bunnen


Dialog, 1973 by Rudolf Bonvie

Photography, you’re taking over my life.


Do Dien Khanh, Vận chuyển gạo (Daily Life #294), Nha Trang, Vietnam


On Being Creative - Ira Glass

"The Poetic Spirit," featuring Tiiu Kuik, photographed by Paolo Roversi forVogue Italia (September 2003).

"If ‘quirky’ were purely a catch-all word denoting any deviation from an equally ill-defined abstraction called ‘the Hollywood mainstream’ it would barely be worth consideration. However, while it certainly can be used as merely the ‘tedious buzzword’ (‘Fall’, 2009:1) some have accused it of being, this article will argue that it may also in fact be the best shorthand we have to describe a demonstrable trend that emerged in American cinema during the 90s ans 00s, and which has so far received little attention from film studies. […]” 
— James MacDowell, 2010 

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